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  • They say the best things come in small parcels! Our pewter miniatures are hand crafted from the finest grade of English Pewter, and attractively packaged in satin, drawstring pouches. There's also the option of our smart, lidded boxes. The ideal inexpensive gift.

    Our matched pendant and earring gift sets feature our highly detailed designs, hand made from the finest grade of English Pewter, together with high quality sugical steel fittings. Our jewellery gift sets are beautifully presented in attractive, lidded boxes.

    Our pewter pin badges made from the finest grade of English Pewter and feature two of the highest quality, secure fittings, our highly detailed pins are widely recognised as the best available - and no one makes a wider range.

    With 300 plus designs, you're almost certain to find one that's just right for anyone! The ways they're used is almost as wide as the range. They can be worn on lapels, hats, coats, scarves, ties, bags, straps etc. Kids love to use them to embellish their bags, pencil cases, etc. Our pins are supplied complete with an attractive, satin draw string gift bag.

    For ease of finding the designs you're looking for, our pins have been arranged in the categories listed below, on the left.

    A variety of trade displays and packaging options are available for different situations.

    Featuring high quality, satin finished, Sheffield stainless steel blanks embellished with our highly detailed English Pewter designs. These can be made to order with the pin design of your choice.If you cannot find the design of your choice from those featured here, please contact us with details of your requirement.

    Allow 3 - 5 days for delivery.

    Featuring our substantial, solid pewter key rings and matching pin badges, it is possible to find a highly personalised gift for people with all kinds of hobbies, pets and interests with these popular sets. Beautifully presented in attractive, lidded gift boxes.


    The perfect gift - these beautiful book marks feature our highly detailed pewter motifs, with a design available to suit almost everyone.

    Once placed between the pages, the design is presented over the spine of the book, enabling the book to be put back in place on the shelf. Unlike other metal designs, our flattened stems ensure that no damage is caused to the page.

    Our bookmarks are beautifully presented in attractive, lidded gift boxes. 

    Attractive trade display stands are available for retail outlets.

    Hand made using our finely detailed pewter designs and high quality, surgical steel fittings. Our pendants are supplied with an 18" chain with a "lobster claw" clasp, and come in an attractive lidded box.

    Substantial 3 dimensional key rings featuring solid pewter fobs and the best quality key chain fittings. With 80 designs, there's almost one for everybody! Supplied in an attractive, drawstring satin gift bag.

    A variety of effective trade display stands and packaging options are available for different retail situations.

    Featuring our highly detailed pewter designs, our tie slides are made using the highest quality fittings, and are presented in a stylish, lidded box.

    Allow 3-5 days for delivery

    Our "Wishes" comprise one of our beautifully detailed pin badges supplied complete with a rose - sealed scroll, in an attractive, satin drawstring pouch. The recipient gets two surprises! First they find the delightful pin badge, then they discover and read the message on the scroll. The complete gift! There are five wishes to choose from.

    NB. the colour of the pouch and the rose might vary slightly from that pictured, depending upon availability and the characteristics of your monitor.

    Pewter earrings featuring our finely detailed, hand crafted pewter designs and best quality, surgical steel fish hook fittings. Supplied in an attractive lidded box. 

    The latest "must have" accesories! Our Zipper/Phone/Bag charms by kids for pencil cases, USB drives, key rings, and to embellish all kinds of everyday things. Hand crafted from Fine English Pewter. Supplied complete with a smart gift tag.

    A variety of effective trade display stands are available for different retail situations.